KSU Elementary Photography Class

How to turn in your assignments

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There will be ten weekly assignments. The previous week’s assignment must be turned in during class the following week to receive full credit.

The easiest device to use is a USB flash drive, but a memory card or even a CD will work. The goal is to simple get all the pictures you took for this assignment to class.

On the media with your images, you should create a top-level directory with your name and the assignment as the name of the folder (example: John Smith – Self Portrait). Inside of that folder create another folder called “all images.” Inside of this folder you will place all the images you shot for the assignment. Inside of the top-level directory (at the same level of the “all images” folder) place the image you have selected as your favorite.

If you submit your assignment on a CD write your name and the name of the assignment on the CD. Please place your CD in a paper CD holder. Images contained on flash media will be copied and returned to you that class period.

Loose CDs will not be accepted.

The first folder is the top-level folder with the name of the photographer and the assignment. Inside that folder is a folder to hold all the images taken for the assignment. At the same level as this folder is the single image you chose as your favorite.


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January 20, 2010 at 12:23 pm

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