KSU Elementary Photography Class

Color correcting and image: RAW vs. JPEG

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Go to this link and download the following zip file: Correcting RAW v JPEG.zip


On a Mac hold down the control key and click on the file. A box will pop open. Choose the option to download the file to your computer.

Once the file is downloaded, double-click on the file and it will place it folder on your deskop called “Correcting RAW v JPEG.” Inside of this folder you will find three images:

  • _MG_6104-corrected.jpg
  • _MG_6104.CR2
  • _MG_6104.jpg

The _MG_6104-corrected.jpg is your reference file. This file has already been color corrected from the original RAW file and saved as this JPEG. Your goal is to try and match the reference file from both the _MG_6104.CR2 and the _MG_6104.jpg file using Adobe Photoshop for the jpg file and Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop for the CR2 raw file.

If you are shooting jpeg images with your camera then the _MG_6104.jpg is exactly the file you would get out of your camera. This exercise will show you the advantages of RAW over JPEG images when it comes to color correcting images.


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November 8, 2010 at 10:05 am

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