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October 18th assignment: Portraiture

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October 18th assignment:

Part 1

A portrait of someone you know.

You must turn in at least two different views of the person that say something about them. Don’t simply have them turn one way or another. Here are some suggestions to add variety to your images:

  • Use your lens at its widest and longest focal lengths to make them look different.
  • Take them to another area of where they are to have a different background or look to them.
  • Try shooting from different angles. Get on a chair and shoot down on the person. Maybe the floor in the background has some swirls on it that you can use. Shoot from a low angle. You don’t always have to shoot from standing up eye-level height.

As I mentioned in class, when I’m doing a portrait, I look for an interesting background to drop my subject into to either say something about what they do or just drop them into that background because the background itself is interesting and it’s a good place to put someone.

I would suggest using natural light to help you with this. If you shoot outside and it’s sunny, place the person in the shade (we call this “open shade”). Don’t use your pop-up flash unless  you understand the term “fill flash.”

Part 2:

Ask someone you’ve never met if you can make a portrait of them. Turn in at least one image of this person.


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