KSU Elementary Photography Class

Assigment Due October 4th

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Assignment due October 4th

Your assignment is to make images of, and things happening in, the art building. Here’s a brief history of the building:

The Art Building was built in 1972 and was designed by Art faculty. It houses the School of Art, including galleries to display both professional and student work. The School of Art Gallery, located on the second floor of the Art Building, presents six major exhibits a year.

There are two parts of this assignment:

1. Make an exterior image of the building. This can be an overall image of the building or could be a “detail” image showing some interesting architectural portion of the building. It could be a night photo.

2. Go inside the building and make images. It could be more “architectural” images, or of the people inside the building. Look for students painting, sculpting or creating other types of art work. Ask someone (perhaps even a total stranger) if you can make their portrait. Go ahead, don’t be afraid. They too are an artist just like you! What strikes you as interesting? Photograph that.

In addition to turning in all your images for review, please select your favorite exterior and favorite interior image and mark them in some way I can distinguish them.

Have fun and email me with any questions.



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