KSU Elementary Photography Class

September 20th Class

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Before the next class meets:

Read and review these sites to further your understanding of shutter speed, aperture (also known as f/stops) and ISO.

Assignment given on Sept. 13th is due.


  • Review aperture (f/stop), shutter speed and ISO
  • Review camera exposure modes: A, S, P, M
  • How does your camera determine exposure? Its an 18% world. (Incident vs. reflective) Reflective metering options often include partial, evaluative zone or matrix, center-weighted and spot metering.
  • Exposure lock
  • JPEG (aka jpg) and RAW mode. What is the difference?

Exposure Compensation:

How to brighten exposures:

How to darken exposures:

Further Reading:


In class:

Further Reading:

Assignment for September 27th Class

Taking the ideas of the Rule of Thirds, the Golden Mean, and Positive and Negative space, make images throughout the week that emphasize those properties. Select your favorite image. Also turn in all the images you take as you train your eye to look for these properties in the world.


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