KSU Elementary Photography Class

August 30th Class

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Introduction to the class. What are the class expectations? What cameras are the students using?

Go over syllabus.

Part one: Genius of photography

Self portrait examples:

Lee Friedlander

Cindy Sherman

20 Famous Photographers’ Self-Portraits

Google Search for self portrait images

Flickr self portraits

Assignments for next class. These are due September 13th:

1. Shoot a self portrait. This assignment is worth 60 points and will be due at the beginning of class on September 13. Let your imagination go wild and try several self portraits.

Technical assignment:

Shoot any scene with your camera using the different ISO settings available on your camera. Start at the lowest ISO setting and make each subsequent photo double the ISO of the previous setting. For example, if your camera’s lowest ISO setting is 100, shoot the first image at 100 ISO, the next image at 200 ISO, the third image at 400 ISO, etc until you reach the upper ISO limit of your camera.

It does not matter what you shoot. You want the scene to remain the same for each image for comparison purposes.

The goal is for you to see how different ISO settings change the look of your images.

September 13th class preparation:

Reading assignment: Basic Photo Tips: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO

This is one of the best online tools I have come across to learn about shutter speed, aperture, exposure, white balance and ISO: http://photo.comm.psu.edu/

In-class workshop: Bring your camera and and user manual if you have it. We will be going over how to set your camera’s shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, etc.

Photographers mentioned:

These are the photographers I mentioned at some point in the class if you want to look up more of their images: Danny Lyons, Eugene Richards, William Eggleston, Garry Winogrand, Robert Capa


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